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Troy Harvey

Troy Harvey is the co-founder & CEO of PassiveLogic. PassiveLogic, started in 2016, provides real-time autopilot for buildings while revolutionizing the market around a digital-twin workflow. Troy is an entrepreneurial technologist, attacking traditional markets with revolutionary solutions to deep business challenges. He has built and delivered game-changing products by blending cutting-edge technology with new approaches to user experience, while mentoring new talent. His multi-disciplinary experience in building science, controls theory, AI, and embedded systems is uniquely suited to PassiveLogic goals.  Before PassiveLogic, Troy Harvey was the founder and CEO of Heliocentric, a controls and energy engineering firm that worked with architects, engineers, and developers to design and build next generation high performance buildings. In that role, he recognized that high performance buildings were not living up to their promise — the operational results were falling far short of engineered design criteria. He led his team to start evaluating these building science problems from the point of view of computer science theory. The clear insight that emerged from that investigation was that the industry’s ability to architect and design sophisticated structures had outpaced its ability to control and manage the complexity of those structures. This gap was amplified in high performance buildings, leading to what is now well known as the LEED performance shortfall (Conniff, 2017). Heliocentric began to develop early concepts in physical model based control to solve this critical problem.  From these origins, Troy has emerged as a thought leader in the building controls industry. His pieces in AutomatedBuildings.com calling for an industry standard for "smart" Autonomous Buildings and defining the technological underpinnings of Deep Digital Twins have earned upcoming speaking invitations to the National Mechanical Contractors Association technology conference, the AHR Expo, the ASHRAE national conference, and the Smart Buildings Conference in Amsterdam. He is an engaging speaker, bringing ground-breaking visionary ideas to diverse audiences with energy and clarity.