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Mark Laich

Imprint Energy
Vice President of Business Development
Mark Laich is Vice President of Business Development at Imprint Energy, an innovative battery company whose technology is ideal for emerging IoT sensor applications like Cold Chain, Logistic Asset Tracking and Smart Medical Patches. Imprint Energy’s printed batteries are ultrathin, disposable, safe and  can support the power pulses of IoT wireless protocols like BLE and LoRa. Prior to Imprint Energy, Mark was Sr. VP of Sales at USound GmbH, where he launched their MEMS microspeaker technology into consumer audio and augmented reality applications. Mark also was Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MEMSIC, where he drove revenue from $14M to $65M over a three year period, including launching the company’s magnetic sensor product line which resulted in $40M in revenue from Samsung Mobile. His experience spans semiconductor, MEMS, cybersecurity and battery technologies which address critical needs in the mobile, consumer electronics, IoT, wearables, medical device automotive and financial service sectors.