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Janet Peterson

Janet has more than 30 years of computer communications and security experience in early and midstage
high-tech software and service companies. She specializes in corporate and business development with
an emphasis on core strategy conception, technology assessment, new market development and OEM/channel alliances. Prior to XCSpec, Janet was co-founder and President of Our Home Spaces, an early technology leader incorporating Wi-Fi communications and intelligence in appliances like thermostats and
smart plugs for the consumer market and tied them into clouds – very early IoT technology. Our Home Spaces was the first company to post an iPhone application for communicating thermostats shortly after the iPhone was introduced. Prior to this, Janet and Sue Pontius co-founder Spyrus, a recognized leader in Internet based PKI security and award winner of the Deloitt and Touche Fast 50 growing businesses. Before founding Spyrus, Janet was VP of Engineering at Ultron working in the field of applying cryptographic techniques to wireless Ethernet networks. Early onto the Silicon Valley scene, Janet was part of the GRiD team in Mountain view, introducing the first laptop computer and mobile operating system. During her work with SAIC, she developed
software for one of the first Ethernet Chip produced by Intel. Janet has been actively involved in Internet and IEEE standards and was a Part of the 802 committee before it had a dot after the name. She holds a B.S. from Illinois Institute of Technology and MBA from USF.

Currently, Janet works with the Western HVAC Performance Alliance and the Commercial Quality Maintenance committee to introduce IoT concepts and technologies into the longestablished HVAC market with the goal of having smart equipment that operates more efficiently. Janet is very dedicated to the vision of fielding heating and air conditioning solutions that result in less energy usage, less CO2 emissions and cleaner air for the planet.

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Monday, November 16

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